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Which actor/actress do you look like?

Mirror Mirror On the Wall.
Cassie and Nick hug
Name: Louisa
Do you have a gender preference?: Nope! Either gender is cool :D

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Mirror Mirror On the Wall
Corleoned Ennis
Name: Lauren
Do you have a gender preference?: I'm not sure if we're allowed both female and male stamps? :\ If you see two different people of different genders, please state it, but I always look for best fit :)

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall!
Sita Sings the Blues
Name: Megan
Do you have a gender preference?: Female for now please. Also, can I request NOT Rose McGowan, Christina Ricci, or Angelina Jolie? Those are my main stamps over at starlet_mirrors, and I'd like a bit more variety. <3

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Fassbender // Inglorious Basterds
So I've pretty much always wondered why there's no general mirror community for actors/actresses and movies? Thanks to mirrormatchme, I was inspired and decided to create this comm. Unlike mirrormatchme, though, this comm will solely focus on which actor or actress you resemble the most. If you'd like to find out which actor (and characters) you should be matched with, please refer to the other comm. :)

ANYWAY. Yay for this comm's opening. I *really* hope that people will join and participate.

The layout looks so messy right now. And I hate how small the userpics look. I'll fix that asap.

Speaking of the layout, I felt obligated to include Megan Fox in the header since she's so popular. I don't like her, though. I also decided to include Michael Fassbender, Eli Roth and the cast of Mad Men since they're my own personal favorites. Sorry I couldn't help myself. I hope people are cool with that? XDD

Why do I always ramble so much? Enough talk now. Fill in the application and let's get the party started. ♥

Fassbender // Inglorious Basterds
Please comment on this post if you'd like to affiliate with us! :]

All affiliates can be found on our profile page.