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Which actor/actress do you look like?
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Ever wondered which actor/actress you look like? Tired of MyHeritage always giving you an inaccurate result? Then say hello to actormirror! Here you can find out which actor/actress you resemble the most. Like, really, really resemble that it's almost creepy and people could mistaken you two for twins.

We'll of course also have themes based on movies and TV and other general things...but for now, we'll just focus on the actor/actress part.

1. All applications must be put under an lj-cut.
2. You must vote on at least four applications, before posting your own.
3. When voting, please bold your vote.
4. You can vote up to two actors/actresses, if you can't narrow them down to just one.
5. Give a reasoning behind your votes. This is a MUST. You don't have to write an essay (unless you feel like it. I'm sure it'd be appreciated by the applicators), but a couple of sentences is fine. If I see you sheep-voting and not including an explanation along with your vote, it will lead to a warning.
6. If possible, post different pictures of yourself for a more accurate result. For instance, different angles so we could get a good idea of how you look like. If you wear glasses, it'd be better if you also included a picture of yourself without glasses, so the votes won't be based on them.
7. The title of your application should say "Mirror, mirror on the wall". The application can be found further down.
8. All applications should be tagged with !unstamped
9. Rude comments are NOT tolerated in this community. Discriminating comments about race, sexuality and gender WILL lead to banning.

~ and that's pretty much it. Have fun! :-D


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